Knife Assailant Found Guilty of Attempted Murder of Police Officers

A recent judgement from Kingston Crown Court has found a man guilty of attempted murder following a grievous stabbing incident that involved two patrolling officers in the heart of London’s West End. The conviction serves as a chilling reminder of the peril officers confront in their line of duty.

The ordeal transpired as officers were addressing a reported theft on Shaftesbury Avenue. An individual approached them, relaying that he had been a victim of robbery, losing his mobile phone and a power bank to the perpetrator. This man identified the attacker, who was still lurking in the vicinity. As two female officers neared the suspect, things took a violent turn.

25-year-old Mohammed Rahman, without hesitation, drew his blade and attacked the officers around 6am on the 16th of September, 2022. When backup arrived in response to the urgent plea for aid, Rahman’s unyielding aggression did not wane. One female officer received a severe knife injury to her upper arm that pierced down to the bone.

The assailant’s onslaught persisted even as additional officers attempted to neutralise him. A male officer suffered extensively, with five distinct stab injuries, one of which deflated his lung. Prompt medical attention was pivotal in preventing these wounds from becoming fatal. A third officer endured a minor cut to his finger during the scuffle.

Rahman’s crimes weren’t confined to the attack on officers. He was also held accountable for the initial robbery.

Chief Superintendent Louise Puddefoot, responsible for Westminster policing, praised the gallantry of the officers. She expressed deep reverence for the valiant officers, especially those who have recently joined the force. The incident underscores the inherent risks they face daily while safeguarding the city. Ms Puddefoot also extended gratitude to the Specialist Firearms Command (MO19) whose timely medical response proved invaluable.

Emphasising the threat Rahman posed, she commended all the officers for their collective efforts in ensuring justice prevailed. This robust collaboration not only ensures public safety but also delivers a potent message about the unity and resilience of London’s police force.

Mohammed Rahman awaits his sentence, scheduled for the 8th of December.

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