Woman Found Dead In Freezer Wrote Jeremy Kyle For Help On Drug Addiction

A missing woman, 38-year-old Mihrican ‘Jan’ Mustafa, was murdered and left in a padlocked freezer in an East London flat. Her body was found along with 34-year-old Henriett Szucs, in the home of Zahid Younis, who is the suspected killer.

Before her death, Mustafa wanted to reach out to talk show host Jeremy Kyle, in a letter that she wrote asking for help getting clean from drugs. Unfortunately, even though she wrote the letter she never actually sent it. She was missing for months before her body was found in the abandoned house. Luckily, police were able to catch up with the killer and he has now been jailed for life.

Mihrican’s sister Mel Mustafa and cousin Ayse Hussein spoke about the case with the Mirror Online, saying that Younis preyed on her when she was in the midst of drug addiction. After she disappeared in 2018, Mihrican’s family found 60 of her diaries, which included the unsent letter to former ITV star Jeremy.

After a bad break up and severe financial problems, Mustafa fell into drugs to kill the pain of her situation.

Last April, police broke into the property after the owner was reported missing. During the search, a police officer noticed a padlock on a freezer and suspected that something might be hidden in there. Police believe that the two women were killed on two separate occasions, possibly as long as a year apart.

Younis denied being responsible for either murder, but instead gave the outrageous excuse that he was storing the two women’s bodies for friends. Younis plead guilty to preventing the lawful and decent burial of both women, but entirely denies killing them.

Younis has a history of violence and has been previously convicted for assault, stretching back to when he was a teenager. He was also on the sex offenders registry for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old teenager.

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