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Fact Checking and Corrections

Before we publish an article, there is an internal peer review process where our journalists factcheck one another, so we can have the most credible information possible. We also have a dedicated following that keeps us in check, providing their own analysis of our work. Our audience lets us know if any errors or misinformation may have slipped through the cracks during our editing process. When any errors or inaccuracies are reported to us, we are happy to make corrections, and we also keep a close watch on the current reports put out by all the factchecking agencies, to be sure that our previous articles are credible.


Our journalists write about the things they are passionate about in order to bring about a positive change in the world. We do not accept any form of payment or gifts in exchange for stories, and we do not alter the content of our stories based on any personal or business relationship with the subjects of our articles.

Ownership and Funding Information

We are independently funded and cover our expenses with advertising revenue generated through Facebook and Google Ads. Since we use these advertising platforms, the ads are tailored to your personal interests, and we are not beholden to any advertisers. This means that we can express our views and say what we want without facing any censorship from advertisers.

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Michelle Rawlins
Jessica Brown
Peter Thomas
Edward Cawthorne
Steve Rowling