Dudley Gun Dealer Arrested: Major Blow to Illegal Firearms Trade in West Midlands

In a significant development in the fight against illegal firearms in the West Midlands, West Midlands Police have successfully apprehended and brought to justice a notorious gun dealer from Dudley, along with his accomplices. The police operation has delivered a substantial blow to the underground firearms network in the region.

The central figure in this operation, Tony Graham, orchestrated an elaborate scheme to supply firearms and ammunition. He exploited legal loopholes to acquire obsolete calibre guns, which are usually reserved for collectors, and then illegally manufactured ammunition for these weapons. This operation was bolstered by the involvement of his younger brother, Simon Graham, who acted as the courier for these illicit transactions. Investigations revealed that Tony Graham had made over 100 enquiries with an online weapons retailer, indicating the extensive nature of his operation.

Tony Graham (Image: West Midlands Police)

In a related incident, Bernard and Tony Stokes, cousins and customers of the Graham brothers, were apprehended following a transaction in Rubery on June 14, 2021. They were found in possession of illegal ammunition and weapons, including machetes and a knife, during a stop by law enforcement in Wembley later that same day.

The extensive investigation, which also involved the National Crime Agency (NCA), uncovered that Simon Graham supplied a firearm seized from an armed gang in Kings Norton on May 13, 2021. Additionally, a loaded handgun was recovered by a police dog on August 6, following a chase involving Tony Graham and Bailey McIlroy.

From left to right: Bernard Stokes, Tony Stokes and Bailey McIlroy (Image: West Midlands Police)

The culmination of this investigation led to the sentencing of these individuals. Tony Graham, 40, from St Johns Road, Dudley, received an eight-year and one-month prison sentence for possession of a firearm and ammunition selling charges. His brother, Simon Graham, 39, from Holly Hill Road, Rubery, was sentenced to five years and six months for similar offences. Bernard Stokes, 33, from Billericay, Essex, and Tony Stokes, 27, with no fixed address, were each given two-year suspended sentences for ammunition possession. Lastly, Bailey McIlroy, 19, from Lysander Road, Rednal, was sentenced to three years for firearm and ammunition possession.

Simon Graham (Image: West Midlands Police)

Detective Inspector Amar Patel highlighted the impact of this operation, emphasizing the significant dent it has made in organized crime in the region. He reiterated the police’s unwavering commitment to dismantling organized criminal networks that threaten community safety. This case underscores the ongoing challenges law enforcement faces in combating the illegal arms trade and their dedication to ensuring public safety.


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