The Son Killed his Mother in Newport and Laughed About It

In a shocking incident that has shaken the community of Newport, 26-year-old Lewis Bush has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal murder of his mother, Kelly Pitt, aged 44. The crime, described as a “frenzied attack,” occurred at Ms. Pitt’s residence in Moorland Park. The Newport Crown Court handed down the sentence, mandating that Bush must serve a minimum of 16 years before being eligible for parole consideration.

The tragedy unfolded on May 12 at approximately 11:30 am, when Ms. Pitt was discovered deceased at her Sandalwood Court home. Initial reports described the scene as “ferocious and sustained assault,” indicating a high degree of violence. Emergency services were summoned to the scene following a distress call from a concerned neighbor.

Prosecutor Chris Rees KC revealed the horrifying details of the crime scene. Ms. Pitt was found in her blood-soaked bed, covered with a duvet. The post-mortem examination conducted by Dr. Edwards Williams confirmed severe blunt-force trauma to her head, neck, and trunk, including internal bleeding and a shocking 41 rib fractures. Evidence of the struggle was evident, with mirror glass and clumps of Ms. Pitt’s hair scattered around her.

Ms. Pitt, described as a “vulnerable woman with alcohol issues” and of a petite stature, stood no chance against the brutal attack. Traces of her blood were found on the pyjama trousers she wore, matching that of her son, Bush. This evidence painted a grim picture of her final moments, marred by considerable physical pain.

In a heart-wrenching victim impact statement, Jordan Bush, the daughter of Ms. Pitt, remembered her mother as a “caring, loving, funny and bubbly” person. She expressed deep regret for not contacting the police earlier, a decision that now weighs heavily on her conscience.

Addressing Bush in court, she lamented the irreversible loss of their mother, highlighting the profound impact on the family, especially on Ms. Pitt’s granddaughter, who will now grow up without her grandmother.

Defending counsel Caroline Rees KC argued that the murder was not premeditated, noting Bush’s guilty plea prior to the trial. However, Judge Daniel Williams, presiding over the case, emphasized the irreparable nature of the crime, stating, “That Kelly’s life should end as it did is a wrong that no sentence will right.”

The community remains in shock over this tragic event, as it grapples with the harsh reality of a life taken too soon and a family torn apart by an unimaginable act. The case serves as a somber reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence and the importance of timely intervention in such situations.

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