Teen Girl Set “Honey Trap” And Lured A Man To His Death So His Vehicle Could Be Stolen

An 18-year-old woman in London is accused of setting a “honey trap” for a man and then killing him, so she could steal his BMW. According to investigators, 18-year-old Chloe Harkins-Turner met 22-year-old Ayodeji Habeeb Azeez in a car park in Anerley, which is in southeast London, on August 4, 2018.

The girl reportedly spoke with Azeez on Snapchat and invited him to meet in person. They then scheduled a time to meet in the car park, and he was likely expecting to go on a date or perhaps have some kind of a fling. However, Harkins-Turner and some of her friends were just luring him into a trap because they thought he had money, and they wanted to steal his car.

Chloe Harkins-Turner Photo: Central News

As Harkins-Turner was inside of the victim’s car, one of the co-conspirators, 22-year-old Kevin Lusala, stabbed Azeez 16 times. There were reportedly multiple other people involved in the ambush and they sped off in the victim’s car after throwing him on the pavement.

Azeez staggered out of the car park and collapsed just outside of the entrance, prompting bystanders to call for help. Sadly, despite the best efforts of paramedics who rushed to the scene, Azeez had lost too much blood from the wounds by the time they got there, so they were unable to save him.

Ayodeji Habeeb Azeez Photo: Central News

Police eventually tracked down the perpetrators and charged them with numerous crimes. Harkins-Turner admitted conspiracy to rob and was sentenced to a three-year youth rehabilitation order in January this year. Her sentence was light because she was underage at the time of the incident, but she returned to court in April for disobeying the curfew that was set as a term of her rehabilitation order.

Lusala was sentenced to life in prison for murder and conspiracy to rob and must serve a minimum of 30 years before he can be considered for parole. Another co-conspirator named Chaise Gray was convicted of conspiracy to rob and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Kevin Lusala was jailed for life for murder and conspiracy to rob. Photo: CENTRAL NEWS
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