Rapist Jailed After Brutal Attack That Left A Woman Unable To Bear Children

A 32-year-old man named Sean McGowan has been jailed for a brutal rape that took place back in February. The heartless attack left the victim in the hospital for over a month with extreme trauma and health problems that she is still dealing with today. In fact, the injuries were so severe that the woman may never be able to have children and it may be difficult for her to have sex in the future. She also needed to be fitted with a colostomy bag after the incident and has not yet been able to get it removed. According to the judge in the case, she was readmitted to the hospital multiple times throughout the month of March and is still awaiting further corrective surgery.

McGowan was said to be drunk during the attack, which he admitted to. He is now sentenced to eight years and three months in prison. In the attack, McGowan tied the victim up with cable ties and horrifically violated the woman. Due to the nature of the injuries, police suspect that McGowan used objects in his attack, but he claimed that he only used his fists. This somehow resulted in a lesser prison sentence.

The sentence was handed down by Judge Lord Matthews who said that he would give the suspect the “benefit of the doubt” on the questions of whether or not objects were used in the attack. The woman said that the terrible attack lasted anywhere between an hour to two hours, but once again the judge decided to go with the lowest estimate of between 30 and 60 minutes, which he felt was “more likely to be accurate.”

However, the victim’s life will probably now be changed forever, and she will be left with scars, both mental and physical, that may last with her for her entire life.

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