Video Shows Fireworks Shot At Police And Civilians On Halloween In London

A video shows the frightening moment a police officer sprang out of his car seconds before a firework goes off.

He was out and about on Halloween when groups of yobs started throwing the explosives at random cars in Grimesthorpe, Sheffield. All over London, yobs shot live fireworks at police officers and shoved explosives through letterboxes. The attacks have prompted outrage with many now calling for the explosive pyrotechnics to be banned.

The horrifying incident was filmed on the evening of Saturday 31st October on the Wensley estate in Grimesthorpe.

The footage shows the firework let off a few flashes as smoke fills the police car with smoke. It is unclear whether the officer was injured in the attack, reported.

Shocking video clips have emerged from Birmingham on Saturday night showing people in hoodies letting off fireworks around the city. In one film the yobs can be seen firing them at random vehicles as they drive by. It’s not clear how many fireworks went off, but dozens appear to be flying through the air in the video. West Midlands Police stated officers are investigating the incident.

In another video clip, a hooded figure is seen shooting a firework directly at police officers in Greenford, London. A bystander can be heard saying: “Oh no, he’s about to let one off, he’s about to let one off at the police.’ Ealing Police confirmed two arrests were made at The Broadway in Greenford after they responded to reports of anti-social behaviour and fireworks being thrown in the street.”

Film of another attack in Smethwick, Birmingham, resembled a war zone on Halloween night as the group is seen shooting a barrage of live fireworks at officers forcing them to flee, The Dailymail reported.

West Midlands Police said they are investigating the incident and condemned the “reckless behaviour” adding that it could have “easily led to serious injury.”

The police also confirmed a 16-year-old boy was detained after he was caught carrying fireworks.

Sergeant Mike Bradley from Sandwell Police, stated: “We are aware of video footage being circulated of fireworks being launched at passing cars including a police car on 31 October.

We received several calls at around 6.30 pm, and as officers arrived in Cape Hill, fireworks were thrown at one of our police cars.

A 16-year-old boy was detained and taken home after he was caught carrying fireworks. He will be voluntarily interviewed.”

Bradley added: “It’s against the law to set off or throw fireworks in the street or a public place, and for under 18s to buy or possess fireworks.

I’d ask anyone with information about what happened, including how these young people came to have fireworks, to get in touch with us.”

West Midlands Police added they were stepping up patrols in the area to deter further mischief. Before the attacks on Halloween, families told The Standard that they were “terrorized” by gangs of youths launching fireworks at people and businesses in south-east London.

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