Man Raped Woman Day After First Date Because He Couldn’t Perform Night Before

An alleged rapist, Hodijah Samuels forced himself on a young woman who just a night before he went on a date with because he woke up feeling “horny”, a court heard.

The incident occurred the morning after their first date with a woman who can not be identified as per UK law. Samuels is said to have woken up the following morning and pressed himself against his victim; she then retorted back that she had to go to work. That’s when Samuels told her ‘Well I’m horny, and we’re having sex” before pulling down her pyjama bottoms and raping her in her own bed, a Warwick Crown Court heard, reported.

The court heard how Samuels met his victim on a dating website in July last year and went back to her residence where consensual sexual activity happened. However, the set did not have full intercourse because Samuels told the woman he “could not get himself aroused.”

Samuels, of Coventry, denied raping the woman and claimed she had falsely accused him out of resentment because she was pestered about him texting other women. The Judge, however, found Samuels guilty following a trial and jailed the man for eight years and three months.

During the trial, the judge told Samuels that the case was worsened by the fact the victim had caught a sexually transmitted disease (STD) as a result of his attack. Prosecutor Tim Harrington explained to jurors the case during the trial: “This defendant went on a date with a young lady.

They got along well and spent the night together, but they didn’t have intercourse. “In the morning she was going to go to work and didn’t want intercourse, but he took it anyway. He had his way with her when she didn’t want it. He knew that, but cannot face that now.”

Harrington further told the court Samuels had met his victim online and when they met up, they visited some local pubs before going to the home of a friend of hers.

Samuels was jailed for more than eight years at Warwick Crown Court (Picture:PA)

Samuels then drove the young lady home to her flat where they watched TV and had more drinks. The woman then agreed to let Samuels stay because he’d had too much alcohol to be able to drive.

Harrington said: “They got into bed together, and they kissed and touched each other. But the defendant could not get himself aroused, possibly because of the amount of drink they had had, so they did not have intercourse.’ The jury heard she wanted to sleep because she had to go to work the next day, but he kept disturbing her and asked for her Wi-Fi code, which she did not give him. Eventually, she was able to get to sleep, and when she was woken by her alarm clock in the morning ‘it became apparent he was by then aroused.”

After Samuels had committed his malice deed, he left her home, she went to work but was visibly upset with the whole ordeal. The woman then admitted what had happened to a colleague, and the police were contacted.

The court also heard that Samuels had sent her a text admitting guilt that said: “I’m sorry. I feel bad.” She replied that she had kept telling the bloke to get off, at which Samuels claimed she was “enjoying it.

The woman then repeated in a message that he had raped her, and he said: “It weren’t like that. I was still drunk and horny. I’m sorry, I am, seriously. I was just being an idiot because I was drunk.” Samuels claimed the pair had sex that night and then again in the morning after she initiated it. He said she then “went funny” with him because he was texting other women, adding that she was making a false allegation because of his texting of other ladies.

However, the court heard there were no messages to other women on his phone according to examination from a warrant.

In the process of jailing him, Judge Barry Berlin said: “You have been found guilty on, in my opinion, overwhelming evidence. She invited you to her home, and some sexual activity took place, but, for some reason, you did not have intercourse. The next morning things changed. You decided that, with or without her consent, you were going to have sexual intercourse with her. You forced her against her will, when she had made it perfectly clear she did not want sexual intercourse. You ignored that, you pushed her onto the bed and forcibly raped her. As a result of the rape, she had a sexually transmitted disease, which brings this case into a higher category. A further aggravating feature is that this occurred in her own home.”

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